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Welcome to the longest running weekly episodic pro wrestling podcast in history. Smart Wrestling Fan: The Podcast, where the EXTRA means more and the entertainment never stops. We pride ourselves in the most thorough wrestling coverage out there, from WWE to TNA to Lucha Underground, and beyond. Get our flagship show every week for free, or subscribe to SWF EXTRA and get even more. EXTRA gets you first access to the flagship program, plus exclusive shows like SWF Retro, SWF Other, and Smart Movie Fan, plus back episodes, songs, and more. Enjoy yourself. Get EXTRA today.


Meet your hosts

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Joe Negron

Your host since the first ever episode of Smart Wrestling Fan way back in 2005. Buckle up, buttercup.

Mr. Mutant Larry

Just put most handsome co-host. Did you put down handsome? Make sure you put down handsome.

Executive Moonbeam

Co-host extraordinaire who enjoys pro wrestling, vodka, and sighing at Larry, but not necessarily in that order.

Ziggety Z

The music guy who is also on Smart Wrestling Fan OTHER.